BottleTool is Turning the Beverage World UPSIDE DOWN!
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About BottleTool®

Introducing BottleTool®, The Only Opener that Closes! Guaranteed to turn the Beverage World UPSIDE DOWN, the patented BottleTool® not only opens also closes them, sealing in the freshness and preserving the contents. An Extremely handy gadget that will prove to be worth it's weight in gold!

BottleTool® Benefits:
Prevents spills or mixing up bottles
Enables the 'No Drip Lime Flip' for drinkers of Corona, Kalik, Pacifico, etc… Simply insert lime, snap BottleTool® on top and flip!
Prevents Wasted beverages ('Cap off and save for later')
Provides a New way to hold your bottle and chill with your beverage (Ideal when dancing, on the boat, etc.)
Conveniently attaches to your Keychain, so it’s always there when you need it.

Why would anyone want to close their bottle?
Convenience and Control of the contents are two key reasons. Being able to reseal your bottle provides peace of mind that the contents will not spill, that the freshness is preserved, prevents tampering and if desired, you can save your drink for later thanks to the airtight seal provided.

Ideal for active consumers! Perfect for boating, camping and a God-send for pet owners, parents of younger children and those that desire total control of their beverage contents.

BottleTool also serves as an Excellent Promotional Tool.

Promote your brand in refreshing new ways with the patented BottleTool! It is the ultimate promotional tool to get your Brand onto your customer’s keychain and into their pocket!

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